Feature for image processing

While working on making the images for some slate tiles recently I found it necessary to use multiple image modes to get the best results.

An example of this was using a dither at with specific settings per image on each coaster to get a sort of gray scale result. This would look pretty good, but not have any edge definition.

So I would then edit the settings for the layer to be the sketch image mode. Tweaking those settings to produce a nice edge result that would border the gray scale output already etched.

Some images even saw another mode used, and several images I would etch the various modes a few times each to sneak up on the right power levels.

While this all worked well, it was a fiddly process that was fairly time consuming.
Creating multiple copies of the image to achieve the same thing seemed rather silly, perhaps not so silly now with the 0.9.21 release and improved memory management?

The idea I had was if it would possible to combine settings for several image modes, stack them into one final etch process. It would be kind of like how photoshop layers that apply burn/dodge effects to images can use additive/subtractive operations to produce an effect you want in an editable way.

Or, another way would be with the new image specific changes in 0.9.21, could we have multiple modes assigned, each running sequentially?

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