Feature request: 3dconnexion Space Mouse support

Thought I’d make a relatively minor feature request: It’d be really nice to have support for the 3dconexion Space Navigator / Space Mouse controllers for panning and zooming. I’ve gotten used to it in some of the other applications I use and it’s really handy to be able to control the view with one hand while using the mouse to edit.

I think the API is pretty simple, and there are docs here: https://www.3dconnexion.com/service/software-developer.html


Thank you for providing this feedback. We always like to hear what folks use and would like supported within LightBurn. You might want to place this idea over here as well. This post explains our official site for feature requests.

After 20 minutes of trying to create an account to access the SDK I’ve given up. It doesn’t tell me anything is wrong, it just sits there with the “Create Account” button highlighted. Multiple browsers. Tried their “contact us” form, but it requires you to create an account - recursive bug. Have sent them a tweet.

Huh, I tried it and had the same problem. I’m sure I’ve been on there before. Must be a problem with their site. Thanks for checking so quickly!

I have to say, it’s an amazingly simple device and because of the large metal chunk used it feels good too but indeed that device for manipulating 3D is very nice. Not sure if the support would be able to extend into the Linux version but I might it if there. It’s really for 3D but people do get used to zoom and pan.

Exactly. 3D is where it really excels and I’d hate to go back to doing anything in 3D without it. It doesn’t give as much benefit with 2D, but it’s still really handy when you get used to it. Altium, for example, supports it in its 2D schematic and PCB layout views and it’s wonderful for that since you’re often panning around large drawings and zooming in quickly on details. Really cuts down on the time spent fussing with your view.

Thanks for this heads up, fellow PCB Designer. I’ve been aware of the 3dconnexion since I started working with CAD some 10+ years ago, but I’ve been happy enough with just my mouse and scroll wheel for orbit, pan, etc… Now that you mention there is also an application for EDA programs, I’ll consider it more strongly. Don’t want to get more stuff though, my 4 monitors are already a high bar not to exceed.

There’s always room for more toys!

I do some PCB design work, but mostly in Eagle - which sort of barely has some Space Mouse support with an add-on. My girlfriend is the heavy Altium user, and I only use the viewer for some designs that came from another company. I sold her on the Space Mouse for mechanical CAD, but since she found out she can use it in Altium she’s gotten pretty attached to it for that.

I really have to step up my monitor game - 2 x 1080p just doesn’t cut it. She just got two massive 4k monitors and I’m jealous every time I watch her at her setup.

You want to tell that to my 33 3D Printers, 2 CNC Routers, 4 lasers, half finished Pick n Place from 2016, rock climbing gear, and so forth?

As far as I’m concerned, this is my resume:

Every board I have in production right now was done in Eagle. I have had access to Altium at some points and have played with it a little bit, but all my component libraries and competency is in Eagle so I have stuck with that.

I now have 4 x 27" 1440p in mounted in a 2x2 grid. However, the craning of the neck upwards requirement is a bit much. Oz works on 2 x 32" 4k screens now, I think you all are on to something. My laptop is a 15" 4k and scaling has been a bit problematic - things end up too small - this is why I believe[d] that 1440p is the best resolution for desktop monitors at the sizes in question.

Oh, you do 3D printer roasts? You’ll love my automatic part ejector!

There’s never too much gear, just not enough shop space! And with all of that stuff, what’s one tiny little 3D mouse on your desktop, eh?

Hey, I’ve been talking about snow plow for the last 4 years, nice! We’re manually clearing beds every hour, cranking out over 1,000 ear savers per week right now. Maybe it’s time I finally implemented this…

Maybe the 3D mouse can take the space currently occupied by the bent screwdrivers…

With some refinement it might not be bad, but I gave up on it pretty quick. Had too much trouble with things jamming underneath, or bouncing around randomly. Print adhesion is too variable. What I want to see is a bed made of two interleaved sets of slats, with one set able to be moved up and down a millimetre or two so it can go from a flat surface to a stepped one and dislodge any adhered parts. I’m sure I’ve seen that mechanism elsewhere, I just don’t know what it’s called.

Scissor lift array in an XY plane of sorts?

More like funhouse steps that rise up and then go flat. It could have a cam mechanism to provide the force to lift one set of slats up and then down 1-2mm to break the prints off.

To visualize: Put your hands flat on a table and interlace your fingers. The fingers are the print bed. Now raise one hand a bit and the print bed is uneven.

It’s going to drive me nuts trying to remember where I’ve seen this because I’m pretty certain I didn’t come up with this on my own. Maybe some kind of machining thing?

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