Feature request, cut optimisation by outer shape

Since in the tab generation the software can identify inner and outer shapes, can we have a optimisation setting “By Outer Shape” this would save the time of grouping and cut each pice from inside out


Great idea! We have a system for users to suggest new features, why not go post it over there for others to vote on?

Can you explain what you mean in a little more detail? LightBurn will already cut shapes from inner to outer order.

lets say i have multiple ornaments like in picture

i i have setup to cut inner shapes first in optimisation
now i know if i group each one and i select cut by group it will finish one by one, but it happens i dont have them grouped, and send to cut and i hhave a power failure i will end up with this:

if we had a “cut by outer shape” setting it will finish each ornament one by one (as if they where grouped and optimised by “cut by group”)
hope this explains the need

Select everything. Ungroup all. Then Arrange > Auto Group. That’s pretty much exactly what it does.

I could have “by outer shape” as you describe, but under the hood that’s really how it would work.

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