Feature Request deselect all touching first selected form

It would be realy helpfull to be able to fill the material size with stars for example and then mark the main Object you want to laser.
After that mark everything else and then delete everything inside or touching first selected element!

this way you could fast fill all wasted space to get something out of it!

Picture will make it more clear i guess

The Christmas tree is the main focus of this Project but i want to fill out the rest with stars
Deselect all inside or touching the Tree or even better mark everything touching or inside the tree to delete it!

You’d benefit from looking into boolean functions.

Documentation here:
Modifier Tools - LightBurn Software Documentation

Video demonstration here:
LightBurn Demo - Booleans - YouTube

Group all stars, duplicate the Christmas tree, select the Christmas tree and the stars, select “Boolean Assistant”, subtract A-B and you’re done.

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Okay i guess you understand me wrong here!

I want to delete everything inside the tree + everything that is touching my tree lines!
So we have a fast way to fill all the empty parts of our material to get something out of it instead of having bigger strange shaped pieces all over the place!
no boolean works here

Okay. I wasn’t able to get that from the initial post.

Try this:

  1. ungroup all objects
  2. Arrange->Auto-group. That should leave you with tree and internal stars grouped
  3. Delete all other objects other than grouped tree+stars

does no work for me!
only what is 100% inside the tree will be grouped! even if its 0,1mm reaching over the line its not grouped

I see. I’m not aware of a clever way to do that. You could potentially create a larger version of the tree temporarily to make sure you get those.

…same procedure as in my first example, only difference is B-A

I didn’t understand this from the original post but @SashaR is looking to remove the whole of every star not entirely enclosed within the tree.

ok, so there is only manual work left I think.

Thats why it says
Feature Request
with your way there are parts of cut off stars left noone needs! why would i let my laser cut out stuff i dont need and my laser will run out of life faster
But thank you your suggestions speed ups manual mode atleast a bit!

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