Feature request: flipped text on path to text

I have a kinda specialized application

I laser etch molds, so artwork and or lettering need to be reversed to look correct on the cast piece.

Maybe Im missing it or misunderstanding it, but it seems when i use the path to text tool, i cannot mirror the lettering. I tried mirroring it before applying the text to path tool and it seems to flip things back to the correct direction.

I vaguely remember someone bringing this up before so not surprised by it.

As a potential workaround I can think of 2 options:

  1. After applying path to text, convert the text to path. Then flip. You’ll lose the properties of the text as a drawback.
  2. This is a pretty firm hack but might be better for how you work. Create a new device exactly the same as what you have but with the origin on the flipped side of what you normally have. Ex. If your origin is normally bottom left, make it for top left. If bottom right, then top right. When you do your design, work in the flipped origin. When you’re ready to burn, switch to your normal origin. You may need to experiment with this to get the right “flip”. Alternatively, I think you could just dynamically flip the origin in Device Settings but that seems less convenient.

What version of LightBurn are you using?

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2022-02-23_19-10-25 (1)

@Rick The bent text with the blue marker does seem to allow for flip/mirroring. However, in the text to path example, there’s no true mirroring going on. The text moves to the other side of the circle or goes upside down but is not mirrored. If you are able to read the text normally by simply rotating, then it’s not mirrored which is what @letsgotosushi was asking for.

Yes, I am now seeing that. Investigating… (and thanks, good catch sir :wink:)

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I stand corrected. @berainlb is correct.

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