Feature Request: Font refreshing

I’m hoping this is an easy one. This has caused me much frustration in the past.

I often get requests to change fonts to fonts I don’t currently have installed. I own Adobe Creative Cloud and adding fonts to the system fonts library is quite easy. Most other apps on my system see the new fonts immediately. Sadly, Lightburn does not. I constantly have to save my work temporarily and relaunch Lightburn. It would be great if Lightburn could do what most other apps do and reload the fonts list periodically so newly installed fonts appear automatically.

It’s likely possible. I need to do some other font updates anyways and will take a look.
What apps are you talking about and on what operating system? I’ve actually never seen an application that would show newly installed fonts without restarting the program.

All the Adobe apps do it for sure. I use Lightburn on Windows.

Hmmm - never noticed. Though is that only if installing from Adobe CC? What if you install a font directly in Windows? That would surprise me it if automatically updates.

I just downloaded some fonts from dafont.com and everytime I have to restart lightburn and there it is.
I have always had to restart any program.

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If I load a new font while Inkscape is open, I have to close it and re-open to get it to register. The same is true for LB and it’s (for me) a known characteristic of Windows applications.

Does anyone know if Linux apps behave in a similar manner?

GMP, Inkscape, & LightBurn all need to be closed and reopened in Linux before new fonts will appear.

Windows font management seems complicated. Install fonts for everyone(system wide), just for the current user(user font folder), temporally load a font, unload a font. Its crazy.

I installed MainType from High-Logic, a font manager that has most of its useful features for free. A lot of windows programs can see the temp loaded/installed fonts. not sure what mechanism they use but Inkscape and ginp do not see them, a small hassle but not bad.

I don’t have a ton of fonts installed, long font lists are real anoying to me, but sometimes my wife’s friends want some really frilly fonts and I install them till i am done but I keep them around in case I need them again.

Hey Oz, It would be nice if I could turn the SHX fonts On or Off with a toggle some where, maybe settings. Those few you linked in the forum came in handy for some small lettering.

@adammhaile - There’s a global function to refresh the font list cached by the framework. I can’t recall the name, but it should be easy enough to find. We could make a menu item for it (or right-click context it) on the font list.

@Island7909-today - We’ve gotten the SHX filter request from a few people, and will be adding something like this.

Yeah, I’m aware of it and think we already use it during the SHX load (at which point everything gets reloaded). My main point here was just that having the reload of all fonts happen automatically is unlikely to be trivial if even possible on Windows - but I’m 100% onboard with adding a manual “Refresh font list” option. I’ll take care of that when I’m doing the other font UI updates.

I might be able to make this automatic… Checking…

… done. The font list for Windows will now automatically update when new fonts are installed while LightBurn is running.



Corel does it. Also QuarkXpress. And all Adobe apps.

Corel has also a very helpful dialog during opening a file with missing fonts.
There you can decide if the newly saved file will change the fonts permanently or just temporarily.
I design stuff in LB on one PC and there I have a much stronger system configuration so that I can have many fonts installed simultanousely. I then do a copy of the text and change it to paths and save it.

Then I go to the PC connected to the laser, a very old computer with just a few fonts installed. I open the file and the fonts of the text which is not converted to path will be changed. If I forget that and save the file I have then problems on the designing machine, all fonts definitions are gone.

Sorry, I thought it was possible, I love the work that goes into Lightburn, great job all around.

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