Feature Request - Frame the actual outside cut shape

Unless I can’t find it, there should be a feature request section!
I wish there was an option for the “frame” to actually trace the most outter cut shape on your design. The square frame doesn’t help when you have a circle shape, or odd shape and trying to see if a certain piece of wood is big enough.
I will be getting a camera for this but this would still be a nice feature!

Have you tried using the ‘Rubber Band Frame’?

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Thank you I will try that. I use lightburn over wifi so Hitting the frame button in the software I wouldnt see what it does, I was just using the frame button on the machine. Will try this and see how it works!

Ok So I tried that, it seems very slow framing and jittering. Why is that? Is there a way to speed up the framing speed? the button on the laser does it fast (prob like 400mm/s). Anyway to change that?

The frame movement commands are not motion planned - they start / stop at the end of each segment, so with things like a circle it will shudder a bit. The only way for it not to do that would be to send the circle as an actual job file, but there are potential issues with that as well.

Anyway to change the speed that it is framing? Framing button on the machine is much faster

Hover over all most everything in LightBurn will pop a Tool Tip, and hit F1 for even more. :slight_smile:

awesome thanks

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