Feature request - LaserCAD file support

I make rubber stamps for sale and just downloaded the software to try out. Lightburn is a MUCH improved platform over what I’ve been using (LaserCAD/RayCAM), but I have hundreds of exiting laser files for my products which I can’t open in Lightburn (.pwj5 format). Creating new laser files is easier in Lightburn, but it’s still a big project to go back to the original artwork and recreate the files. Opening or importing the existing files would be ideal.
Alternately, adding import capability for layered image files (like psd and tif) would help. My artwork consists of the image for engraving, and then a second layer which I image trace for the cutting outline. Right now it appears I need to import each image separately (unless I have missed something). If you see a faster method, please let me know.

Ok, I tired it and only the cutting layer shows up. I don’t see the image for engraving.

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