Feature Request: Offset Passes

Now, it may be that I missed this feature or or clever way of doing this…

It would be nice in “cut” mode if there was a setting for Offset Passes. Meaning that in pass 2 or 3 it could offset or inset a certain distance.


When making maps I often have the roads as vector paths and they are single line, open shapes. Some of the roads are secondary and tertiary roads and should just be thin lines, where others should are highways or freeways and should be thicker lines. With Offset Passes it would be easy to achieve this with just a simple path and multi-passes offset slightly. Currently I have to rasterize the highways/freeways and “fill” them.

You could draw an offset line and put this on its own layer and process it separately.
Nb. I would prefer to produce thicker lines by defocusing.

If I’m following you, I’d make use of sub layers and include a kerf for each layer you wished to be offset…

Here is a square… three sub layers, 2nd and third have a kerf of +1mm each… this is the output from preview…

Don’t know if this is what you are looking for… of course you can go outside or inside with the kerf

Good luck


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