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On my CNC mill, I have the ability to use the controller (actually the software) to calculate the center of a given space. I think this could be done in LightBurn too.

Move the laser head to the left of your engraving area and “mark” it. Move to the right of the engraving area and mark that. The software calculates the midpoint and puts the midpoint of the file to be engraved there (in X). Do the same for Y if you want to center vertically. You could do X or Y or both.

This would make placing an engraving exactly where you want it very easy and would not need to account for the lead in (as you do if just using the frame function).

Does your controller not display X/Y coords? The math is easy enough to do in your head I’d imagine.

Feature requests can be logged at http://lightburn.fider.io also.

You could do that - but it would be easier and quicker if you used my method, and the controller simply set the origin to the calculated point (and you set the origin to the middle of your file in LB).

This would also work irrespective of it being a RUIDA or Trocen controller, as LB does not control the origin on Trocen controllers very well (controllers fault, not LB)

This is something one of our vendors showed, and is similar to touch-plate sensing with a CNC machine. The math is easy, so it will likely happen at some point.

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