Feature request re: z-focus

Can we get a prompt that says “Confirm head placement?” or some such…
Wife does not use the laser often, and changed material - so she went to focus (glowforge user) and… damn. God bless E-STOP!

So when you hit “z-focus” pop up a little box that says “confirm your head is above the material” with an OK button and a check box that says “never show this again” so it does not nag the super power users…



I try really hard not to add stuff that will be “auto dismissed”. I could add an “opt in” setting for this that you turn on in the settings to make it show the warning. I’ll give it a bit of thought.

Either way would work. I know this has impacted us a couple times, and also a lot of GF users are migrating to other larger lasers that can be powered by LightBurn… running z focus over your blade table - or heaven forbid your honeycomb tray(!!) could be fatal.


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