Feature Request: Refreshing fonts from a Font Manager- Mac

Hopefully there is an easier way to accomplish this.

I own a Mac, and I’ve always used a font manager to organize my fonts. For any of the other program I use (Adobe CC) every time I activate or deactivate a font it will immediately show.

For lightburn I need to relaunch the application every time so the changes can get done.

Is there any way that the fonts get automatically updated?

Not currently as you identify.

I like when you said “Organize my fonts” it gave me an idea, it would be neat if I could see only the fonts that I use on the laser and not all the windows preloaded ones as well, But that’s literally just my pure laziness lol.

I generally don’t go for new fonts when doing projects and so I don’t get reminded of this often, I have on occasion been annoyed at my need to close and reopen Lightburn to use a mid-project-installed font and the occasional multiple font install while looking for perfection haha.

On the other hand, I like that this software relies on something that is intrinsically part of the OS, installing and maintaining fonts. This eliminates all the bugginess of earlier generations of SW that had to have their own fonts and were poorly maintained. Frankly, I install a new font, on average, about 5 per year. Admittedly that’s bursty so, yes, when I’m working on a new project, I might try a bunch of new fonts. That I have to restart LB after each bunch of fonts, is not a hardship - given my experience when that process was broken.

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