Feature Request Resume Function

Hi, could it be possible to add a resume function. i.e. with the end of each line the g-code line number is saved on the computer. That way if a pause feature won’t resume we could just click resume last print, and it would beginning form that line number. Obviously this works for power outages also.

Amazing software, loving it although the pause has a couple of times not responded again for me today. Hence the request. :grinning:

Add it to the feature suggestion link above then it’s an official request


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The issue with Pause / Resume should be fixed in the next release. I spent some time with some GRBL devices connected and tracked down the cause.

Having said that, a longer term plan is to add the ability to ‘Start from here’ in the preview window. You would use the preview to advance to the starting point you want, then click ‘Start from here’ and the software would run the job from that point.


Thank you I will have a look.

Good news about pause / Resume. Start from here a good idea. But from an end users point of view having a automatic resume from the same line as mentioned on top would make life easier. Similar to a 3D printer.

Thanks again for your awesome work.

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