Feature Request-Toggle Switch to Preview Imported Images in Color

It would be useful if imported pictures could be viewed in color rather than the default greyscale that Lightburn imports everything in. A toggle switch could be added to switch back and forth between the default greyscale and the imported picture’s original colors. This would allow color “proofs” to be made to show others what a product would look like. A great example is trying to show what an engraved tumbler would look like. Currently, everything shows up as black or grey. It would be helpful if I could show that the tumbler is really blue or red and the engraved area would be whatever the layer color is.
Thank you.

There’s a lot of code in LightBurn that expects images to be gray only, as it saves a significant amount of memory and processing time too. I’ll log it as a request and have a look to see what would be involved.

Oz, thanks for considering it. I know of a few others that would appreciate this feature as well.

For product mock up we export the fill graphic (text, graphic, not image) from Lightburn then import into Inkscape to place over a color image of the product blank. I would be happy if I could simply import a “dumb” color picture, I have no intent to laser. From there I can place my graphic over, screenshot and use that as my mock up. It would basically be a background like I get from LB Camera just better resolution.

Save the hassle of exporting/importing in Inkscape. I have done very basic versions of this with the LB camera but it does not give as good an image as I can get with taking pictures with phone or external camera.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve done that in Inkscape and you can do the same sort of thing by clipping your design in Lightburn and then pasting into Paint. net (or Gimp, etc.) as a new layer but all these options require importing to another program. Moving back and forth between programs for a simple proof is cumbersome. This could all be solved if a color preview option was available in Lightburn.


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