Feature request: Webhooks (for home automation, not job status)

I’m here to ask yet again for webhook support. I’m not asking so I can leave the machine unattended, but instead to increase the security of my setup. I run my laser in a small workshop in my apartment and I’d like to add to my home-assistant a notification that the laser is running, so people don’t enter the workshop. Not only that, but I also have an automatic workshop indicator light setup on the door that has a laser on flashing function, that is controlled by WLED. I’d love to automate that so whenever the laser is running, that light is flashing. This is a safety issue for me. Having a manual process is dangerous because I can just forget to do it, even with a checklist. I already have automations that turn on indicator lights for resin 3d printing (mask on) and for normal 3d printing (increased attention).

Hi Lucas,

While we’d love to implement every good idea that comes across our desk (and we do plan to! Eventually.) webhooks are not a priority at the very current moment - compared to features that would have a broader application for the widest number of users.

We do have a feature request tool called Fider to prevent us from losing these good ideas. Voting System for New Feature Requests - Fider

The reality is, with a small team, we have to be very careful to work on the features that provide the greatest impact for everyone. We’re nerds, many of us home automation nerds (myself included) - so hopefully this is a sooner rather than later.

As an aside, could you use an output from your board fed into an ESP32 or similar as an option, perhaps?

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So, if I could brainstorm slightly and get a sanity check, what about the possibility of adding a slight decorator to the main window title? Say, for example, something like:

Loaded_Filename * - Current_Device - LightBurn 1.6.00

Loaded_Filename * - Current_Device - Framing - LightBurn 1.6.00

Loaded_Filename * - Current_Device - Running - LightBurn 1.6.00

In theory, that could be a fairly trivial adjustment to the LightBurn code, but I could then watch the window title to snoop on the status and then pass that along to home automation or whatever. I don’t see of any convenient and reliable way to snoop the status from the UI as it is now (the “Laser” window could be anywhere or nowhere), but even a simple AutoHotKey script could pull the status from the window title.

So, what do you think? Is this something that might be in the intersection between wanted and useful and implementable? (And if it seems like something that might be doable, I suppose I’d have to put it in Fider myself, eh?)

I thought about many different ways of doing this… all a bit over the top.
Splicing the USB and reading the sent data, hooking into the laser electronics itself, using some sort of light sensor tuned to the laser color with a time buffer, using the WiFi setup for my engraver, and so on. But all seem over-engineering to me.
For now, I have added a button that just calls the webhook, on my desktop, and I try to go through my checklist every job.

Still, you could add webhooks without adding them! You could, for example, just allow us to run some code before and after a job. Maybe run python or lua, anything. That can even be useful for the engraving/cutting process itself. That code can have access to the gcode to modify it before printing, like cura has custom scripts. Oh, and if the window title has a decorator like framing or printing I can read that through windows API and use that with a side program.

Adding API access to LightBurn is already on the roadmap - likely after the next big refactor. Until then, the best way to submit a feature request is with the fider link above.

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