Feature: Specific color libraries according to the material?

Hi buddies. Maybe this is a nonsense question but, when I’m working with LB and testing new materials I’m usually forced to change/erase the parameters of some color that I had already selected for a specific material. I wonder if could be possible to add a new feature that let us create and select new color libraries by type of material. This way there would be no problem with limited number of colors.

So, we could have something like this (example):

Click on the database material tab—>TEST

Click on the database material tab—>MDF

Click on the database material tab—>Acrylic

Click on the database material—>Foam

What do you think ? Am I crazy ? Could this be possible to add as a new feature in next rev of LB ?

Thanks at all ! :slight_smile:

You can (sort of) do this already. Set your material colors the way you like, then delete everything in the file, and save a LightBurn project. It will save all material layer settings, but nothing else. Call this “birch ply - 3mm” for example, and then before working with birch ply, or setting up a job that uses it, open that project file. Make sure you don’t save over it. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I didn’t realize that could be possible, thanks at all. :blush:

Well, although it’s a good idea I still thinking that this could be an awesome feature to be implemented in future revisions but from my ignorance I don’t know if this is something hard to do or not.

Thanks ! :metal:t2:

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