Feature Suggestion: Production Use

Not sure where the Feature Suggestion category is moving to, but I need to post this for you developers.

We are huge fans of LB, have several copies for our several computers and lasers, and more equipment on the way. Several users, with varying degrees of experience, lay out boards from existing designs, in a Production environment. Hence, the issue: we need to send a file to any of several machines and have the output be the same no matter which machine is open at the time, without going through multiple changes to the file settings to configure it for a specific machine.

I’d like a grouped set of machine-specific settings, to be pulled automatically from the Materials Library, based on the machine the file is being sent to. This grouping could be enabled/disabled via a checkbox, so that it doesn’t complicate the software for users with only one or two machines. That means, among other settings, Cut/vector etch/raster speed. max/min power and ramp effect settings, as well as home location, axis mirroring, and other characteristics specific to a machine.

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