Fehlermeldung und Laser bleibt stehen und Laser läuft weiter

Hallo zusammen, ich habe immer folgende Fehlermeldung, wenn ich den Materialtest mache: “Maximale Zeichen pro Linie überschritten. Linie wurde nicht verarbeitet und ausgeführt.”
Was ist die Ursache ? beim normalen Lasern funktioniert alles perfekt

Hello Tobi

Could you post a full screenshot of your lightburn with the project open as well as the message error you are getting?

Alarm 3 are errors, mostly based on controller reset, power issues or bad USB cables

I am unable to see where you have the error that you described

Does this error happen on ALL projects? or just the power test ?

only in the performance test

What machine, laser module
And power adapter do you have

Could be power input related

ikier k1 max pro 48W with the included power supply
the laser does not turn off the laser and stops

Try this
Reach for the laser head, unplug the laser head cable

Run a project - does the machine also shows the same errors?
(it wont engrave of course)

if not
Plug laser head, run same project at 1%

Could you turn on “alle anzeigen” (show all) in the console window? Then maybe you can see how the line looks like that causes the error.