Few questions about the trace image function?

Hello Guys,

I had a svg file of a tile stand that ive played about with in paint shop pro, mainly to add more depth of material at the bottom of the stand. I’ve then tried to trace in lightburn, i think ive got my head around most of the settings apart from my new traced image has now got a double line inside and out, is there a way of just cutting the outside line?

Is there a more simple approach to getting a svg file for a template, then in lightburn being able to manipulate the lines? I feel like im doing this in a very long winded manor.

Thanks in advance

template for tile book slate for 3mm material.lbrn (125.1 KB)

jpeg version

You can import svg to LB and edit nodes manually with the node editor, or use any of the other functions available. You’ll have to make sure you ungroup everything when you import it, though, otherwise some of the tools won’t work.

As easy as that! :grinning:

Thanks Blake I’ve been going around in circles for a couple of hours

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