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I have a few newbe questions of functionality and if not available the best way to achieve the end result

We produce a lot of plates that are engraved and then cut out, there are about 25 different sizes from 10 x 25mm up to 75 x 110mm, these are then further customised. Is there a way of having these sizes defined with the cut setup information so i can just pick from a list and added to the job without having to draw and setup the cut every time? There may be 10 different sizes per job which will allow the work to be setup more quickly.

Is there away to automatically create a cutline say 3mm around a complex shape for example if you have a flower petal and wanted to cut around it it would be difficult to draw the cut line around and be exactly the same all the way around the shape is there any easy way to automate this?

Is there a way to mirror the output from LightBurn so for example you are lasering text from the rear on a clear Perspex sheet, the text has to be in reverse to be correctly read from the front.


Give Lightburn and yourself a chance to answer your questions by reading a little more than just a minute as I can see you did. Lightburn has a well-functioning online manual that is constantly being updated and an excellent forum with many helpful members who use each other to improve our ability with Lightburn and our laser machines.

And yes, what you are asking for can be done with Lightburne.

(I am a private user of Lightburn myself and a regular member of this forum, so this is my personal recommendation to you.)

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Thank you for your replay

I have read the online manual and these are either not covered or i am not looking for the correct terminology and functionality! As i said i am new to this and this is my first attempt

First question effectively i am asking how to set a template up for a product layout of a particular shape and size that can be added and reused multiple times in 1 job, can this even be done, this has been asked previously and not answered either way which is why i asked, i could setup individual files but then i need load and then to copy and combine all in to 1 file seems like a lot of work. the is no reference to templates in the manual. you say it can how?? what do i need to look for in the manual??

Again the is nothing in the manual that actually says you can do this complicated cut setup automatically, you could do a trace convert it to a path and enlarge it but is this the best way ?? Only way?? Another way better?? am i looking in the wrong place?? or even wrong functionality??

The mirror functionality, some products are mirrored and some are not. I know i could use the mirror button to flip the text but then i have 2 versions of the job again If you search the PDF for “mirror” nothing is found. Again is this the best way ?? Only way?? Another way?? am i looking tin the wrong place?? is there a magic button to do this?? is this not showing due to the setup of the software??

Again i could be wrong but the is no way to search the online manual (Github) which seams to be the most up to date version? the is a PDF manual referenced from the software but that is dated end Jan 2020 is this the most up to date version also?

I appreciate that what i have asked can mostly be done one way or another, the is multiple ways to do most things but i want to make sure i am not over thinking and making more work when it i not required. I am not looking to be told exactly how to do this step by step, what i need is the function i need go and look up or search for or if the functionality does not exist.

Use the mirror tool to mirror your text.
I assume you have a continuous line around the flower petal if so use the offset tool.

All of that is easy to do once you find out how, If you go on you tube there are many helpful videos that address your questions and so much more search lightburn videos, Grab a brew and some snacks and enjoy learning about LightBurn, it is in my opinion the BEST software for our machines.

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For templates, I’d need to understand what it is that you’re trying to do. You ask about setting up a layout of a shape and size to use multiple times in one job. Copy & Paste or Grid Array would the obvious way to make duplicates of something quickly. You could store your set of shapes in the Art Library and just drag them from there when you need them.

Your question about automatically creating an outline would be easily done with the Offset tool:

Mirroring the file is as simple as selecting it and pressing H or V to mirror horizontally or vertically.

Hi Colin,

To begin with, the current search option within Light Burn’s online documentation is not optimal, you are right. But the search function here on the forum works super and I often find gold chunks here.

As for your first question, you have considered using “Art Librarie”, here you have the opportunity to save all your signs individually and drag them into a “new” project. An excellent tool.

On the maple leaf I have added an offset of x mm, (you decide for yourself), you also decide whether it should be inside or outside or both sides. If I understand you correctly, this will be the answer to your second question.

On the right side at the bottom, the logo is mirrored in various ways, it works very easily and I often use this feature for contact information messages on, for example, acrylic corona shielding panels for office furniture.

Thanks all much appreciated the offset tool is exactly what i need.


I looked at the art library and this will do what i need, if i do the border setup and the cut for each product then group them together it allows me to add to the library. Exactly what i needed Thank you

Just remember that the art library doesn’t store cut settings, so you’ll need to set those on anything you pull from it before running them. Happy to help.

However, if you use the same materials / topics with (your) saved default settings per library item, these will be these settings, of course, used, see my example.
For production purposes (and hobby) a great tool.

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