Fiber Black engraving

We have a 60w JPT MOPA Fiber laser, running Lightburn, and been trying to get a jet black engraving on stainless steel dog tags, hip flasks, chrome dog tags and Aluminum Business Card.
The best that I have had is a dark brown, really need deep Black.
I was told to try: speed 300,power 50,frequency 30,Q pulse width 200, line 0.01.
I know I could do a test grid, I only have small item to test it on.

Does anyone have any tips on some settings options to try.
Sure that I’ve seen ‘Lightburn’ post a reply somewhere on black fiber engraving on stainless steel

Many thanks Karl

On my 60W JPT MOPA, I use 300 mm/s 23% power 110kHz frequency, 200 Q-Pulsw Width and .002 mm line interval, bi-directional fill. This will anneal on stainless steel with a pretty dark black. Your mileage may vary.

It’s pretty tough to almost impossible to get a dark black on Aluminum. Best you’ll get is a dark grey.

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Thank you for your comment and information.
We will give your settings a try.
All information is gratfully recived.

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