Fiber ceracoat on glass?

Newby here. Been asked to fiber laser through ceracoat that is applied to tempered glass.
Anything i should be aware of?

What is the purpose? To remove the ‘ceracoat’?

If the lasers frequency is absorbed by the laser, ceracoat will heat up, that can indirectly mark the glass… is that what you want to do?

Does ceracoat absorb your fiber lasers frequency?


Not sure exactly. 2nd hand massage from son in law. Assuming just want to remove the ceracoat. The underside of glass has a carbon fiber coating.

I’d try and obtain a ‘test’ piece before I did it on anything important. Since lasers excite the molecules, you are dealing with a fast change in temperature in a small area … with glass, it usually means shattered or cracked results…

If it goes through the glass, will it heat the carbon fiber layer and crack the glass from the other side?

If I understand it properly, the ceracoat is itself porcelain or glass, so it’s likely to result in a ‘rough’ finish at best.

When you find out, let us know… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Good ideas. I’ll see him next t weekend, get a sample and report back to you.

Got it to work! 2000 speed 15% power on JPT 50watt laser 200 mm lense.

How did it turn out???


Only had 2 colors to play with Gray and gloss black. Black
did nothing buy gray was decent.

Is this what they want?