Fiber/Galvo Laser "Turntable" Rotary for Text Engraving?

Is it possible to control a rotary device set up so the rotation axis is normal to the engraving plane, i.e., vertical?

My goal is to engrave circular text near the outer diameter of large discs, where the diameter of the discs is larger than the device’s engraving area.

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Following along. Should be able to trick the software into dong something like that. Problem would be the skew unless the text size was small compared to the diameter. Also, rotary is based on distance of surface travel so maybe pick diameter at CL of text?

This is a long, and in some places boring, video on making a rotary table for a fiber… Maybe it will help you with ideas…


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For text on a rotating disk, I think it would be standard rotary settings used but on a table orientation, not repeat marking.
I like Kyle’s video, but ignore the part about how to center the 3 cutouts for the chuck.

Yes I guess my question is can the software do that?

I want to type a long line of text in a regular text box and indicate the typeface, size etc., and the radius to the software and let it figure out the angular motion as a function of the text itself.

Draw one letter centered, then rotate N degrees to the center of the next letter, draw it, etc, taking proportional typefaces and kerning into account.

Each character should be normal to the radius that goes through their center as in regular curve-fitted circular text, but this would allow engraving text around discs much larger than the laser’s engraving area.

I’d use a rotary chuck that the software can already drive to move the piece in turntable motion.

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About got all the stuff rounded up to build my 22" table, so we’ll see shortly. I don’t see why the software won’t do it. I’d run “Whole Objects” settings. Then it will treat ea letter as an object. You wouldn’t curve the artwork, just a straight line of text a mile long.

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