Fiber Laser Control Software

(Julian Ashcroft) #1

As well as three CO2 lasers I have a couple of fiber lasers, a 20w and a recently purchased 50w which came with a rotary attachment. For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to get to grips with the EZCAD software which controls the rotary, it just seems so over complicated, I’m not talking about power, frequency, speed, etc, but all the other settings, just to get the rotary to turn round. With Lightburn the rotary control on the CO2 is just so simple in comparison. I really hope the Lightburn developers will soon be turning their sights on to the fiber machines, there will no doubt be a massive demand, as they all seem to use the same EZCAD software.

(Mr Olsen) #2

I support this!
Lightburn for fiberlasers! :smiley: You got my vote

(Rick James) #3