Fiber Laser - Error Laser busy


First of all, my Setup:

  • No Name Fiber Laser with JCZFiber 2 Card
  • CNI Laser FL-1064-6W Laser Source
  • Lightburn v1.20.00 on MAC

Lightburn tells me the Laser is busy after clicking on Start – the Frame Function works without a Problem. I tried all 4 Laser Sources but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Here my Lightburn Settings:


In EzCad, what is the laser source setting you use?

Lightburn is the first Software i used. I bought the Laser without EzCad. The build in Board is without a Dongle for EZ.

We use the EzCad setup information to configure LightBurn. I do not recognize your laser source, and I would need to see the EzCad settings used to control it in order to tell you if we can support it.

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Ok i understand. I try to get hands on a Dongle.

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