Fiber Laser Lightburn

Hey there!

I’ve seen a couple threads now asking about if Lightburn will at some point work with fiber lasers. The last post was a month or so back and from what I read it looks like it might be possibly in the works? Either that or you are still trying to put pressure on BJJCZ.
I was wondering, is there any progress update on this venture? Or is there anything we can do to help apply pressure and possibly get this ball rolling faster?

I just got a fiber laser recently(this one) and it comes with ezcad… ezcad works - but its not Lightburn haha.

However, they have at least acknowledged that their software can not stand alone and offer Corel Draw in the bargain for a paltry $ 350 :+1: (Only for extra software!)

Nothing further to report at this time. Sorry. We have been in the midst of a corporate move, so things have been a tad hectic, but slowly getting settled in again. :slight_smile:


Oh that’s right! I forgot about the move. Makes sense. Well hopefully that’s going well!

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