Fiber Laser Not Connecting

I have a CK Mini Fiber (EZCad2) laser and I’ve just upgraded ($90) to the Galvo license today. I’m unable to get Lightburn to show that my laser is connected and 'Ready".

I’ve uninstalled Lightburn and reinstalled Lightburn with the Galvo driver. I imported EZCad setting during install but the laser will not show as ‘Ready’ when completed.

I’m also connected via USB.

Any help on this issue?

Did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue.

Check that the laser power is turned on, the high voltage line is loose or off, the signal line is loose. Have current: If the lens is broken, the optical path is seriously shifted.

Have you watched the LightBurn first-time setup video? Connectivity issues are often caused by incorrect driver install (in the video HERE) or a poor USB connection from a bad cable or a USB extender being used.

choose Fiber Type = JPT and my laser began to move from the “busy” state to the “disconnected” state.
choose Fiber Type = IPG_YLP ( state laser “ready”) everything is fine and you can engrave.

but there is a problem, the power when choosing ipg_ypl decreases.

what is the reason technical support has not responded. only when will the update be released?

Which update in particular are you asking about?

We are responding. Look at the post just above yours. :wink:

How are you determining this? Share your testing and results, so we can “see” what you are observing.

We are here to assist you in your journey. We are a very small team working with many users. We are expanding our resources over time and appreciate your patience. Thank you.

I purchased your program for Galvo as soon as it came out, but unfortunately I can’t use it completely.
Everyone responds well on the forum. I sent the letter by email, with screenshots of my settings, and everything stopped there.
An update that corrects the power drop when selecting IPG_YPL. The lens is 200*200. The focus is set correctly.
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-12 at 07.38.27 EZCAD
WhatsApp Image 2022-08-12 at 07.42.09 LB

Photo from EZCAD frequency from top to bottom

JPT 30LP (no mopa) not original board

Could you tell us exactly what board and source configuration you are using, as you mentioned it is not the stock board?

Are you running LightBurn

In EZcad, I choose JPT. I do not know what the control board costs.

board Perhaps it

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Installed the original board. All settings have worked 100 % . Only the ports have changed. Port 14.15 became active. Previously, the pedal was a 5 port, now I don’t know

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