Fiber Laser Rotary Issue using Lightburn

Hi Everybody,
newbie in the fiber laser world here, and I have a question that hopefully someone can answer.
I’ve just reconnected rotary chuck attachment and put test piece in chuck. I have enabled rotary chuck and have it and test piece going left to right and i’ve selected Y as rotary axis, and set it at 12800 steps per rotation.
I’ve done a test rotation and it spins the one full rotation and back again like it’s meant too.
When i load an engraving program however, chuck doesn’t rotate. Laser just goes back and forth in a line.
Any ideas as to what i’m missing? thanks in advance.

The first questions are about your Galvo. We’d like to know the make, model, and power level. Thanks.

The first thing to test on your Galvo is switching your rotary to the X-Axis setting.

Please post back with your results. :slight_smile:

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