Fiber laser Ruida trial version

I use a fiber laser with a capacitance sensor. I downloaded the trial but the z axis and sensor does not work. Do I need the galvo licence to be able to try out the software with a fiber laser ?

I do not have the “galvo” device settings as seen in this video:

The laser behaves like a co2 laser with the trial version of Lightburn.

How can I get the z axis to work with Lightburn ?


Can you clarify what machine you have… I’m kind of confused… the video you posted is for a fiber or 1064nM laser with a glavo head…

I have never seen one of these with a Ruida controller.

Can you post a link?

Some machines do have a fiber to get the beam to the head, but it’s not generally referred to as a fiber. Fiber relates to the amplification medium.


Hi Jack,

I have the RDC6563FG ruida controller that is a DSP? I guess controller.

It works fine with a version of Rdworks (RDCutist V3.0) .

But I have some problem reading the Dxf files in RdCutist so I wanted to try out Lightburn. Lightburn reads my files perfectly.

But I need some settings for my fiber laser. I can not find them in the trial version of Lightburn.

The files I create in Lightburn and upload to my Ruida controller is working but the Z-axis and the sensor is not working.

Yes the Ruida is a DSP, but you keep mentioning fiber, is that a different machine?

How about a link to the machine you’re trying to get setup?

Fiber is not a co2, so I’m confused what you are trying to setup. I’ve never seen a fiber that uses a Ruida…


A fiber laser, Yes I built my own fiber laser machine. This is not a CO2 laser. It is a laser that can cut metal.

So I want my fiberlaser machine to work with Lightburn. I use a Ruida and that is common with fiberlaser machines. The point is that I need settings for a fiberlaser.

So, is this configured as a gantry machine?

Sorry, I don’t know how to setup the Ruida to drive a fiber source.

Found your controller… very nice :green_heart:

I think we need some more technical help here… this exceeds my knowledge bank…

I’m hoping @Rick or maybe @JohnJohn can help you out here…

I’d love to see a photo of your diy, if possible … curiosity is killing me :grimacing:


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Lightburn upload of files to the controllers took 1 sec vs the software rdcutist takes about 15 sec.

That is one reason of why Lightbuen seems to be a better software if i can get the z axis settings to work.

Here are some pics of my diy 1000 watt fiberlaser(still work in progress) :

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What do you have set for ‘Z Control’ in the ‘Device Settings’, upper-right of ‘Basic Settings’ tab?

I saw those settings and i tried them all. It did not do any difference.

The machine is still just cutting in 2D like a co2 laser would.

The 3rd axis, Z axis is not moving at all. The z needs to move up and down and follow the contour of the metal plate.

Maybe my RUIDA controller is not compatible with lightburn.

Speaking with Oz, we have not played with this exact controller, additional capture work would be required. Might want to add to our Feature Suggestions site, then post that link back here.

I do not know what “Oz” stands for. But I added it to Feauture suggestions site : RDC6563FG ruida controller support · LightBurn

The man behind the curtain.


Oz is the nickname for the founder and lead developer here at LightBurn.

EDIT: Yeah, this :point_down: guy. :slight_smile:

Can you use RDCutist to produce an RD file for the controller and email it to so I can have a look?

Z axis movement is something I have on my CO2 laser with the RUiDA LFS-ANM-T43-V2. I have not been able to figure out how this works. It has it’s own control panel. I am guessing it may not be supported in LightBurn. My Controller is the RDC6332G. I may need to change to RDWORKS - But I love LB sooo much :heart:

I’ve gotten the file you sent and taken an initial look at it. The way the overall shapes are stored is the same, but there are quite a few settings that are different, and some values mixed in with the cutting commands that I assume are Z up and Z down triggers, but without playing with the original program (RDCutist) and seeing what they correspond to I can’t be sure. It’s pretty clear it won’t be a simple change.

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