Fiber Laser what Frequency ranges to buy


I’m looking to buy my first Fiber Laser, :blush:
My problem is what HZ ranges to buy
1 -4000 kHz or 50 -100 kHz :thinking:
I guess the 50-100KHz is the “normal” ranges
But what is the advantage with 1-4000Khz and what more can one do with it?
For the 1-4000Khz cost a bit more and is it worth using the extra money?


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Get a MOPA, they usually have the widest frequency range.

I have an M60 JPT M7 MOPA, it has complete frequency range up to 4mHz

I understand frequency controls the pulses/sec. Along with this you get a wider Q-pulse range.



Thanks for the answer. But do you use the hole ranges and what for?

I haven’t used the whole range of values, but have been all over them.

Cleaning passes are usually higher frequency, shorter q-pulse… lower frequency and longer q-pulse to put more heat into the material…

Something like the MOPA has the widest range for these values.

If this isn’t what you are looking for, please clarify.


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Thanks for the answer.
Has I understand, I’m not able to make color (on stainless) with a 50 -100 kHz !

To get a good variation of color you really need a mopa type. Some of these colors only arrive with short pulse widths in the 8nS area.

Even hatched or non-hatched give you variations.

Have you watched these?

Good luck



Thanks Mr. Jack is just what I needed.

Get a mopa laser if you can afford it with the highest frequency’s possible. It will allow you to engrave in color on stainless. You will thank me later

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Thanks, I have one final question.
A ComMaker (all in one) or Cloudray (2 pieces) :wink:
Both are 60W MOPA

Cloudray all the way. If you can get a jpt Mona they are the best

i purposely purchased a split system… box underneath my table and the actual works on the table…

I have four lenses, suggest you get at least a couple. I bought an F420mm lens with 300x300mm coverage. It included an 80cm column.

Send emails to the potential vendors asking about prices … cloudray gave me a discount code for a couple hundred dollars.

I’ve heard very good reports from OMG and Hoation laser companies…

Good luck


Thanks to everyone for all the good answers and ideas.

I’m have order a ComMarker B4 JPT MOPA 100W


That’s great… I’m sure you will enjoy it…

Curious about the price… I clicked the 100W and it didn’t change the price from the 20W model…

Good luck … leaning curve → buckle up for a steep vertical climb…

Don’t forget the best part… have fun :tada:


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If you click all the options the price changes. I missed the rotary selection when I checked it out.

I clicked all the various power models, the prices never changed for me.

What does the 100W model cost?


No rotary and 110V

100W $7110
60W $4622
30W $3199
20W $2577

Thanks… sounds more like it.

My split system from Cloudray was around $7k US, … they coughed up a couple extra lenses, rotary and a bunch of testing materials…


Agree, I got my for 6793.- with some extra stuff

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