Fiberlaser and lightburn?

Hi, my question is: Does Lightburn work with fiberlasers? If YES, which type of laser do I have to use?
I am working since 2 years with Lightburn and a 50W Co2 and I love Lightburn to work with. Now I should buy a fiberlaser and I want to use Lightburn…
Many thanks for helping, all the best - Thomas

Sorry, not yet! :wink:

There used to be a link that you could add your vote to. As a way of requesting the replacement of Ezcad2. Think I voted back in Nov 2019 when I got my Fiber. Your response has me excited Rick,does it come with a time frame?

Unfortunately not yet - I’m trying to put pressure on BJJCZ to give me info on talking to the fiber, and I’m also still poking at the hardware to try to get it to talk to me. No significant progress to report on either of those though.

Oz - ThunderLaser is coming out with a fiber laser soon - perhaps they could be of help in getting the info or contacts that you need.

I have multiple contacts from multiple companies all trying to help me convince them to share.

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Good to hear that you are on top of it, not that it’s a surprise.

I’m rebuilding my CO2 laser with trocen TF-6225 controller to fiber (Max 750W), so I hope it’ll be OK with lightburn.

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