Fibonax camera to work with your program on my MacBook Air

need help how to make Fibonax camera to work with your program on my Mac book air? the camera is for my telescope??

This should be a separate thread (posting).

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What are you trying to do and what complication are you experiencing?

agreed. Done.

Some cameras work and some don’t. Sometimes it just comes down to permissions and drivers.

The quirk with Mac may be the USB ports. I found that I had rock-solid camera performance by using a Thunderbolt Hub with a Mac running LightBurn.

This looks like a great little camera because of the Manual Focus and the early (rugged) USB socket. I see 2MP and 8MP Cameras listed. What is the capacity of the imager on the camera?

Bigger cameras may be at the upper limit of USB 2.0 so I try to avoid them.

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