Fibre Laser will frame but not engrave

I have a 30Watt Raycus Fibre laser which has been sitting idle for a little while. Just today I fired it up again and it will frame on the workpiece but won’t fire the laser to engrave? I have 1.5.04 installed and haven’t touched any of the settings from the time I used it. The progress bar immediately goes to 100% and says its busy and nothing else happens. In doing some research I have replaced the USB cable, restarted the laser a number of times and even unplugged the power and plugged it back in. I’m at a total loss for what to do next? I can hear the mirror moving, do I have a dead laser source? Please help!

Can you hear the galvo operating?

Are you sure it’s focused? With a short lens, the depth of focus is less than 2mm.


The galvo is definitely moving and I had only just tuned the height and created focus sticks. It get the fan noise when I power up the laser but nothing engraved. I’ve even stuck my hand underneath and feel nothing.

Not a good idea… However you should feel a bit of heat, not on the surface… it passes through most of your skin…

Maybe one of the Lightburn people can assist. We can’t really get inside these very easily, like a co2, so sometimes it a bit hard to troubleshoot issues…

Maybe @Rick can make a suggestion of a course to follow…

You got most of mine, you can set the frequency low and the q-pulse up, which should produce more energy… that and focus are about the only things that I know of.

Hang in there.


What method did you use to focus the laser to your material?

If you did not do so when you first set up your device profile in LightBurn, try importing the markcfg7 file from your EZCad2 folder.

You can do that by clicking “Devices” in the “Laser” window, double-clicking the device profile, clicking “Next,” then “Import EZCad Config,” importing the markcfg7 file through the File Explorer window that pops up, then “Next” until “Finish,” and, finally, be sure to click “Ok” instead of “X-ing” out of the “Devices” window to make sure the change is saved.

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I’ve been hearing from a few people lately that the last few versions have been killing their Galvos. Can you confirm?

I’m using the 1.7 version and it seems to work fine… I have a 60W JPT source.

Lasing a piece of lava rock, in this video, it’s turning the rock to glass…

Might want to update your profile… it shows a Ruida… it’d be nice to have your fiber type there also :grimacing:

What kind of source do you have? - sorry I see it’s a Raycus.


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That is the first I’ve heard of that claim. If there were a change in LightBurn that was “killing” Galvos, we would be inundated with messages about it, and that is not happening. It is also extremely unlikely that anything we could do on the software side would destroy a machine, and none of our updates since 1.5.00 have changed anything specific to Galvos. So I’m happy to disconfirm that claim. :slight_smile:

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I would check the connection to the galvo head from the control board mine was loose when I received the machine and it wouldframe but not laser engrave . After fisxing the connection all is well

Sorry Tyler. I definitely chose the wrong word (killed). I’ve had some reports of when people are upgrading to never versions it’s messed with people’s settings.

Hey Tony. I’m just wondering how that would affect the laser. If there’s a connection issue to the Galvo, wouldn’t it just not move the mirror? If it’s framing, doesn’t that confirm the galvo is working?

All I can tell you is my laser when i arrived from china it would frame but not mark. after several sessions with their tech and testing power supplies and ect, the narrowed it down to the galvo head for me. for the last test I disconnected the control cable from the JCB ezcad control board to the galvo head and checked the connections . reinstalled the cables and everything has worked well for the last year. figure it came loose during shipping. no new galvo head needed .There could be other possible issues with your laser. just my 2 cents worth

Yes the framing lasers go through the galvo head.


If you have a multi meter and the ability of preforming some basic test It may be possible to narrow your issue down . this ling may help you with some of the testing. I know of is specific to a brand of multi meter but should transfer to what meter you have access to

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