"Fidget" Spinner / Spiral Spinner (Lasered version and 3D Printed Version)

I really appreciate the user interface and intuitiveness of LightBurn. More and more it is the starting point for all design work (whether the final destination is the laser, the cnc spindle, or the 3D printer).

Attached to this post is a project file I created last night with my son to make him a DIY spinner. Our original intent was for this to be cut from ¼" acrylic and double sided engraved (which we did and you will see pictured below).

It is just so nice to have the ease and tools of design in LightBurn and the export capability to bring a project like this into TinkerCAD for generating an STL for 3D printing.

The notes embedded in the LightBurn project file provide info and recommendation on material and bearing size (as well as a link to TinkerCAD where the 3D project can be acquired).

SpiralSpinner.lbrn2 (368.5 KB)


Replacing the attached project file with an updated version that includes the design having the cut out spirals.
SpiralSpinner_Ver02.lbrn2 (541.7 KB)


I decided to see what would happen / how it would look to cut the spiral out:


Looks good!

Looks like nice edges on your acrylic. What power / speed do you use?

I have so much acrylic, different thicknesses, different colors, different formulations that I honestly guess and most times just get lucky. I always try to cut as fast as I can but slow enough to have polished edged on the clear stuff. This .25” I cut at .4 in/sec @ 70% power on about a 140W machine with a short throw lens.

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Owning a laser shouldn’t be the deciding factor of using LightBurn. That’s my stance. LightBurn has merit solely as CAD software.

Same as the first design, SVG export from LightBurn. Now I have the same on PETG.

This is a perfect example of having and using the right machine for the job. Definitely, a 1/4” sheet of PETG in the laser would be ideal for making these as the production time is a fraction of 3D printing!


they are amazing, what a brilliant job - love them

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