File Creation: WILL PAY

A friend has a last min request for a wedding taking place SATURDAY!

Currently the way I have this designed for my X-Carve it would about 22 hours. Would love to use my Jtech 7W system for this. I will gladly pay someone to design this in LIGHTBURN so I can cut it asap

Is your JTech already setup? Have you installed and successfully used LightBurn on this laser? You might be able to do this yourself. Can you export from your X-Carve the art you want to laser cut?

LightBurn supports many different file types, so you could import or open your exported art, set your cut parameters, and go.

Yep - Use the DXF export in easel and import the design into Lightburn.


My fee is typically $200 for design work, but I’ll cut the rate by half for you this time. I’ll PM you the PayPal info! :wink:

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Also - 22 hours? That’s nuts! You should be able to set up a perimeter only cut for your CNC mill and cut that out quick. Per do an initial hog with an 1/4 or 1/8 down cut before switching to a smaller bit for the detail areas it it’s small. I’ve got a shapeoko and there’s no way that would take 22 hours even at 30” x 30”!

where are you based?

i am in london and could cut this today for you while you wait. either on the cnc, or laser, depending on the material required.


I don’t see an export option on Easel. I believe the machine is setup correctly but I could be wrong.

Look at @BiologyBen posted image above. I think he is showing you where it is. I don’t have or use Easel, sorry. Good news, we have other members here that do.

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