File fails at same point when run

I’m running Lightburn 0.9.04 on Windows 10 Pro using a KeeYees CNC Printer arduino controller. The file that I’m running is Amazing_Grace_Small plaque.lbrn (1.4 MB) it was created from a PDF. When run it fails with an Alert and message it failed at or about line 10277. I don’t see anything unusual abut that line. I’m running an Endurance 10 watt laser at 800mm/min and 60% power on MDF.

“An Alert” could be anything from “aliens have landed” to “I’m thirsty”. If you can provide the exact text emitted, I can do the required Google search to look it up and tell you what it means.

For example, ‘ALARM:2’ means that you tried to send the controller outside its defined working area, so it halted to prevent the head from crashing into the rails.

This is a cut and paste from the app.

Starting stream
On or near line 11582:
Stream completed in 10:55
[MSG:Reset to continue]


Hard Limit Error, A limit switch was triggered, this always results in the end of your job. The only time a limit switch should be hit is during a homing cycle, at any other time it will stop the system. Either your machine went to far in one direction and hit a switch or you have electrical noise getting into your limit switch wiring. Do not restart your jhob without rehoming or resetting / confirming the machines position, it will unliely be correct still!

Googling that alarm it says it’s a hard limit switch issue but I don’t have limit switches. Could it be related to the soft width or length set for machine size?

If it’s saying you hit a hard limit but you don’t have limit switches, your GRBL config might have limits enabled, and if those pins have nothing connected it could be just triggering because there’s nothing connected.

Thanks for the help my GRBL config was the problem.

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