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I have a China Blue Model KH-5030 with a 70W CO2 tube and RDC644XG controller. I do not know where to find the firmware ver. I am new to LightBurn but I am running the latest ver. 0.9.02. Question I have is when I go to File List , refresh, I see all the files on my controller but the Download button is missing. It is shown in the online and PDF Documentation. Is this a change or is it my controller.

Yes, this is shown in an earlier version (0.04.07) screen-cap, but the function was never implemented, so the button was removed to avoid confusion. Thank you for pointing out that we have this identified in the documentation. We will add this to the “To-do” list for edits. :slight_smile:

In LightBurn “Download” means “pull file from the controller” and “Upload” means “Send file to controller”. RDWorks had these swapped and I found it very confusing, so I’m just making sure you’re looking for the button you think you are. :slight_smile:

The “Send” button on the main laser panel performs the same task as the original RDWorks “Download” button too - it sends a file to the laser, but doesn’t run it.

Thanks very much

Thank you very much

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