File moving over each time I run it

I have loaded a file from my computer to the controller and the issue I am having is the file steps over about 1/8" each time I run it. I am etching our logo onto drawer sides and am placing the part in the exact same spot each time I run the program. Any ideas what could cause this?


When the logo is finished, does the laser head return to the exact same spot as where it started? Put a pencil mark down where the red dot is and run the job with the laser off, check to see that it ends where it started. If it doesn’t, you’re missing steps during the job and will possibly need to reduce either your acceleration, speed, or both.

Thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t notice if the head returns to the same spot when I was running it but will keep an eye on that if it happens again. Originally I imported an AI file but I changed to a dxf and have been working with that one and it seems to work fine.

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