File picker is not showing thumbnail of image being opened [minor feature request]

I am betting that it is a bug in GUI library. But I just wanted to register that substandard file picker if annoying. If that would be an open source project I would at this point look is it possible to initialize it with better settings and have miniatures - and thumbnail at least of selected item.

File selection box is also annoying in other ways, like inability to remember recently opened files.

We use the Qt framework in order to support LightBurn on all major platforms which has a lot of advantages. However, this is an issue where it’s out of our hands - We tell Qt to load a file open dialog and it uses the system native version. Beyond things like directory to start in and file extensions which are valid, we have basically no control over the functionality of that dialog. I know that the icons/thumbnails do show up in Linux for me on multiple distros.

You also noted recently opened files: That is a feature that is in LightBurn already under the File menu, at least for project files recently opened or saved. If you are used to it in the file open dialog (where it shows any file on the system you recently opened) that is either a feature of a system dialog which Qt does not have access to or it’s a custom file open dialog.

I wish we could do more here to add those features, but short of writing custom file dialogs for each operating system (which would likely cause more problems than it solves) there’s nothing we can really do.

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What operating system are you using? It looks like you’re either using Linux, or you’ve turned on the ‘Bypass’ flag shown here in the settings:

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Yes, Linux. (Lubuntu to be more specific)

I was rather thinking about images (raster images in my specific case).

I hoped that just framework defaults are stupid and you can use you some equivalent of filePicker(saneSettingDisabledByDefault: enable) or filePicker(mode="images").

Or upgrade framework version.

I definitely understand problem of “framwerk we are using is making stupid decisions here and there is no sane workaround”. With bug reported since 2005 and ignored.

And on macOS.

BTW, does it make some sense to report this issue to Qt? Or is it waste of a time?

If it can be a good idea - do you know where it should be reported?

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