File Transfer Fail Paused or busy

Hi Guys,
I’ve been using Lightburn successfully with my Omni laser for some time, but I’m getting a message " File Transfer Fail ’ when I hit send in Lightburn. It says the laser may be busy or paused. Its not busy & I can cut from the files already in the laser that have been transferred previously, so its not paused. I’ve replaced the USB cable, but no luck. Can anyone help? Thank you

You do not specify your controller, but I read a lot that deleting some or all of the files stored in the controller clears up this problem. Apparently, controllers that can store the files eventually gets full.

Thank you Mike. I did delete some of the files, but not all. I’ll try that. I’m not sure what controller I use. Sorry, but it’s an Omni machine. I’m also connected by USB, so Im going to try Ethernet as an alternative, in case this is the issue

Better idea anyhow!

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