File Transfer Failed after Windows update, coincidence?

Using a Thunder Laser for more than a year now, always with the latest version of Lightburn. I haven’t used the laser for a week or so and went to use it today and am getting “File transfer failed”. My laser is connected via lan and have a usb camera. I am connected to the laser and can set laser position and move the laser around with Lightburn, but when I hit the send button, the job fails to send with the message File Transfer Failed.

I have changed ip addresses to make sure another device hadn’t hijacked this ip. The machine says Lan: OK and at the bottom of Lightburn, it says Found Thunder Laser RDC644XG-LY.

I did notice a new windows update happend the other day, so I am suspecting that had something to do with it since nothing else has changed.

Any suggestions?

Connected with USB cable and files trasnfer fine.
Any suggestions now on why LAN isn’t working?

Is there not a fix for this?

I can start the job from lightburn using the network setup and the job runs, but if I click Send, the job fails to send.