"File Transfer Failed" to Ruida over Ethernet

Windows 10, ethernet connection.

About 5% of the time, we get “File Transfer Failed”. But, it’s ethernet which should be totally reliable, so I’m wondering why we’re getting this. More important how we can prevent it?

The Ruida uses UDP for communications, limited error handling I understand. I think it’s one of the reasons they developed the Lightburn Pi Bridge.

Also if the Ruida is ‘doing something’, like in a menu, it won’t answer the Ethernet, at least on the first request.

I’ve been running wireless, every now and then it has an issue, but generally runs well.

Don’t know the percentage of failure…


Yeah I was getting it while trying to send while it was left in a machine config panel IIRC

But we get it like 5% of the time when the machine is 100% ready

Any ideas on fixing the prob? Router? Windows setup?

Wish I had some suggestions and I’d try them.

Good luck