File transfer failed

Hi, I have just installed the trial version of Lightburn. I am connected with USB.
When I open Lightburn for the first time, I can transfer my first file. Then, I no longer can transfer files. I have this message : File transfer failed.
I have to reboot the machine and the laptop to keep going, one file each time.
Can anyone help on this topic. Thanks

Did you install the FTDI driver which is the last thing during the LightBurn installation?

Are you on a Mac or Windows machine?

I am on Windows.
I have to unplug and plug again my USB cable before each run…

Do you get any error messages on the controller panel itself? Often if LightBurn is telling you the machine is busy, it actually is. It’s also possible that you are trying to send a very large file - what sort of thing are you sending?

Fixed my problem by changing my usb cable. Thanks!