File transfer from Ruida controller to PC not working

Does anyone know if it’s possible, and if so, what the process would be to transfer a file from the memory on a RDC6442G-B Ruida controller on to a thumb drive? I would like to copy the test file used to engrave the acrylic key fob that came with my MF1220-50. I’ve tried using the control panel to select it and “copy to Udisk” but all I get is “File Transfer Failure”. I’ve also tried to copy image files into memory from the thumb drive that came with the machine, but it acts like there’s nothing on it (I know that they are there because I can see them when I plug it into my PC). I followed the steps in the manual but that doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions? Also, at some point, I want to try engraving it on some scrap pieces of acrylic I have laying around. It has paper on both sides, should I leave it on? Take it off one side or the other? I’ve never tried it before so I’m not sure.

The only option I know of is to copy it to a udisk. Don’t know if there is some way to mark it where it can’t be copied, but I doubt it.

You did plug it into the udisk of the Ruida and not the usb communications port?

Never messed with the udisk.


I was definitely plugged into Udisk as there was a USB cable going to my PC plugged into the other one. It was suggested, on another forum, that I should plug in the OEM thumb drive in before I turn on my laser. I haven’t tried it yet because I’ve been laid up with covid for the last couple of days. I’m going to give it a try as soon as I feel better.

Didn’t think the Ruida had enough smarts to make use of it that way. Seems like the I/O part of the Ruida leaves a lot to be desired.

I have my original but don’t think I’ve ever looked to see what’s on it… :crazy_face:


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