File "unknown" and conflicting file size messages when uploading 903kb .png

I have been trying to engrave a 903kb .png file from my laptop. When importing the file it still says 903kb. When I position the file, check frame etc. in Lightburn all seems well.

When I go to send the 903kb file to my Boss HP 3655 - Trocen AWC controller it takes minutes to load in what it says is a 39536kb file that when it finally does arrive with a beep prompts a File “unknown” message and the controller cannot do anything with it. I have tried saving that file in Lightburn as a .lbrn2 file. When I go to open the .lbn2 file it loads in as 1.3MB but performs with the same results. I have deleted all the files on the laser cutter with the same results.

It seems that Lightburn is mismanaging file sizes in some way that flips a switch in the controller. Any thoughts?

The image file I am working with is called Bella Vista Test.png

Bella Vista TEST.lbrn2 (1.2 MB)


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