File Upload Issue with New Version

I recently upgraded to V0.9.04 (ruida controller). Normally I will upload a file to my Ruida memory before I run the laser. Now when I click the upload button it opens a window for “Open RD file” rather than uploading it, and since my design is a .lbrn file, it doesn’t show up at all in the file list. Is anyone else having this issue?

“Upload” is to upload a previously saved RD file. “Send” (on the main laser panel) is to send the current design to the machine as an RD file.

Thanks, maybe that’s it, I’m just used to clicking the top right button when I’m ready to upload. I guess I’ve got to find my “send” button now. It isn’t on there anymore, and “upload” is showing in the spot that send is usually located.

Haha. Found it, thanks.

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