Files can't be found


I am trying to open some files i completed and saved and now it is giving this error. Ive opened it more than once so i am not sure why this is happening now. Any Ideas

The location specified in the message indicates that it’s in a temp folder. This can happen if one opens a zip file or similar archive, then opens the document, forcing the program to use the file semi-automatically extracted as the work.

The solution is to always extract files from a zip or similar archive, then open the folder in which the file resides.

If you run a temp file cleaner or another program manipulates the temp folder, things like this can happen. If you have the original archive or zip file, consider to extract it to a convenient location and open it from there.

@fred_dot_u so do that mean that all the files i did create are gone? i didnt even realize i was saving in a temp folder?

It’s difficult to determine how the files were delegated to the temp folder initially. If you can provide some forensic tracking information, I may be able to guide you to a recovery, but the prognosis is bleak. I’ve been overhearing too many television shows lately.

Can you suggest why the temp folder isn’t bearing fruit? Did you run a cleaner lately? Did you create the files from the ground up?

I am not sure how it got delegated to the temp folder. Some stuff i opened up fine this past weekend. But today seems to be a no go. I don’t believe i even have a cleaner. From the ground up, if you mean directly in lightburn then yes lol

That’s unfortunate, as I know how it feels to lose file work. When you use the Save feature, be sure to note the folder location, so you won’t have this happen again. If LB defaults the first save to the temp folder, it should be changed to default to a user folder or something less risky. I can’t test this aspect as I’ve not done a ground-up install for LB for quite a while.

I would try doing a search for “Groom Flask.lbrn” to see if it was stored somewhere else, but yes, that looks like it was in a zip (or other archive) that was temporarily extracted and opened from that temp location, instead of being saved somewhere more permanent.

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