Files look different on two Workstations


i’m using lightburn on two workstations, both are running on Win10.

  1. I create a file with 12 personalised ornaments on my office workstation in lightburn.
  2. I saved the file on my “OneDrive” cloud as a lightburn file.
  3. I opened the file on my laser workstation.

The personalised text on one ornament is on a new position, the other 11 ornaments are still on the correct position.

Nothing i tried helped on this problem.
What i tried:

  • group the ornament before saving
  • make the text to path
  • group the full file
    nothing is working

It happens often, not only on this one file.
All the other parts are still perfect, only two words on two lines are changing position in this example.

Can someone help please?

Share some images of what you are experiencing / seeing, so we can better understand the potential issue(s).

Are bots stations setup the same? Do you have the same device profile(s) on bot computers?

Created the file over the red line on workstation 1 (office) - saved it one onedrive - open the file on workstation 2 (laser) and it looks like the picture under the red line

The device profile on workstation 1 is a saved file from workstation 2. So the lightburn setup is the same… also the same lightburn version

Are both computers running the same version version of LightBurn? Is that the same font file installed on both systems? (Not just named the same)

Holy sh**!
The problem really was the font file. Maybe open type vs. true type pp.

I was sure i have changed it to path and the problem was still there. I think ive doing something wrong on changing the type to path.

Thanks for the fast help.

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