Fill and not to fill question

Good Morning,
When you are in fill mode and the laser is moving left to right is there a way to not fill but still move left to right so not to burn the product like leather and leave something that looks like you used line mode.
I can go down as low as 8% pwr @ 350mm/s or faster if needed. if i try in line mode it just burns right through the leather to get the effect i want. using a 2.5 lens. or should i change to a 1.5 lens.
controller 6445 150/180w tube.


A 180 W tube is quite high for leather, I do leather work and my 80 W is ALMOST to powerful but I need it that powerful to cut the leather.

Thanks Tim i am manly looking to find out how to not do a fill and just scan back and forth to create a non filled letter. Is there something I can turn off in light burn. when the fill option is checked other then using the line option which is to hot even at 8%pwr.

Try turning the fill setting down to 0 power

I will i didn’t know that was an option.
Thank You

You can’t “Fill” a line - it has no area, so that simply doesn’t work. What you can do to reduce power in Line mode is enable Perforation mode and set Cut and Skip to be very small, like 0.1mm each. It has the same effect as dithering on images.

Cut 0.10 / Skip 0.10 = 50% power
Cut 0.05 / Skip 0.15 = 25% power

… and so on.

Thank you
I will try that