Fill Engraving taking fooorrreveverrrr on a BOSS LS1420

Sorry for the newb question here, but 2 days of trying to fix my machine on my own has gotten me nowhere. Been running 3 and 5 axis CNC routers and mills for over a decade, but I’m lost when it comes to this BOSS laser.

I bought this laser used, and the previous owners obvious tweaked some of the machine settings. Every time I tried to engrave or cut anything with any significant X traverse moves, the machine tried to move to fast and the belt would slip and scrap my project. Yes, I checked and the belts are in good condition and the tension was adjusted correctly already. I tweaked the machine settings and solved that problem, but created a new one. Now, any time I try to do fill engraving, it takes forever. Jobs that used to take 6 minutes are taking more like 20 minutes. I know the laser head can’t stop on a dime and needs a little distance to either side of the fill to stop and accelerate, but it used to only travel maybe an inch past each side. Now it’s over traveling 3 or 4 inches and tripled my engraving time. Can anyone tell me what the BOSS LS1420 machine factory settings are? BOSS tech support is no help since I’m not the original owner. They want $50 an hour to talk to me.

If no one replies here, you might check the RDWorks forum or elsewhere on the web and look for factory settings for BOSS lasers.

BTW, pretty sleazy of them not to help you out. That experience alone would take them right off of my short lists if I was looking for a new laser.

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